About Us

Steve Shakeshaft, founding Director and Principal Consultant.  Steve has over 30 years experience as a Professional Engineer working in all areas of the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fine Chemical and Utilities Industries.  Throughout his time in industry Steve has had one guiding principle in his work.

“Never accept the status Quo”.

During Steve’s career as an Engineer, he has stuck firmly by this one guiding principle which has brought rich rewards to so many companies at which he has worked.  Now, through the medium of the internet, Steve can share a few of his thoughts and experience with all Engineers who are responsible for maintaining, optimising assets and developing manufacturing plants the world over.  Please enjoy our small corner of the web, download Steve’s CV and some of his practical, no nonsense Technical papers.  Reflect on what we can achieve working together at your facility.  We WANT to hear from you. 

Upcoming Projects

We are proud to announce that SHS Consulting are moving into the world of electronic cigarettes. We have been in talks with leading e cigarette retailer SmokShop regarding a joint partnership, so will keep you posted on details later in 2017.